A live street performance by five energetic robotised horns storming the streets looking for an audience.

Five energetic robotised horns storm the Brussels market square like elated children. After three months of lockdown, there is no stopping them.

They are wagging their tails chasing a cyclist, make naughty laps around a cuddling couple or look at the passer-by with questioning and touching eyes.


Are they stretching their mouths wide open, hoping that we will listen to them? Or are they gigantic ears, keen to hear our story?

Crisis times are accompanied by an overwhelming noise. Politicians, experts, citizens with strong opinions make themselves heard on public channels and social media. The loudest shouters get heard. When the public debate has polarized, the nuanced and often conciliatory voice of the middle are hushed by the speech of the extremes.

K.A.K and Crew present the horn robots as the megaphones of the unheard voice. They draw inspiration from the work of Hamja Ashan "Shy Radicals, the antisystemic politics of the introvert militant", who sketches the contours of a society led by the silent introvert.


Vlaamse Overheid.png

Local players can join the team of "The  Unheard" after a brief (or more thorough workhop) and literally take over the horns. More info can be found in the dossier. 

Concept and development technology: CREW
Performers: K.A.K.
Text & sound: K.A.K. en CREW
Technical support: CREW

Diffusion: Emma Ketels (je buro)

A co-production CREW and K.A.K.
With support of Staycation Brussels and “n-Brussel, VGC”
CREW is structurally subsidized by “Flanders, Imagination works””



  • all ages

  • walking performance 

  • 3x 50 min

  • performance with words (NL, ENG, FR)

  • walk act, indoor & outdoor


  • 5/2 players CREW - K.A.K

  • 1 technician, 1 diffusion

Travel from Brussels (BE)