“Emma relieves us of countless tasks: from the concerned phone calls about the chicken making its nest on our technical rider to negotiating with programmers. And she is a great lady to have on tour.” Bert & Fred



Je buro serves both artists and programmers. I give artists peace of mind by stepping into the breach from the moment we decide to run with an idea for a new creation. I support them on business aspects, provide input on (artistic) proposals, make suggestions for co-producers and residencies, we plan try-outs, work on communication and visual promotional material, and so on. And of course I also actively look for new performance opportunities.   

I also want to be the first port of call for programmers looking for contemporary circus productions. If a programmer needs advice or specific ideas, I am happy to discuss which show would best suit their programming.


We both want to offer the artist the most advantageous conditions vis-à-vis timing, location, programming, etc.

We do this by:

1.    efficiently keeping an accurate and up-to-date overview of inquiries, requests, options and confirmed performance dates.

2.    providing a complete package, which includes high-quality promotional photographs and a trailer as well as clear practical, technical and financial information. 

“Nothing nicer than hearing ‘aah, Emma from ‘our bureau’ is here!’ echo through a (still empty) hall or marquee. That begins with the first residencies, which I try and make a point of popping along to, and numerous phone and video calls and WhatsApps. Even once the production has been premièred, I regularly go on the road with the team. That way I really get to know the show, the way the company tours, the artists and the programmer.” Emma



I like to work long-term both with the artist and the programmer. When I’m fully involved, we get to know each other well and build trust, the basis of all good collaboration. 

Je buro likes to work with a select number of professional companies, chosen partly for artistic reasons and partly so as to be able to guarantee the above-mentioned involvement at all times.  



Sector meetings, final-year projects, presentations, festivals, etc., whether at home or abroad, are ideal opportunities to reforge links and have a catch-up. So you will often find Je buro there, in the hall or marquee or at the bar.   


In 2020 Je buro along with Collage Producties, Cooper & Brown, GarifunaHuis AlmaMaandachtRumoer!Thassos and Vincent Company founded the Federatie van de Vlaamse boekingskantoren  (Federation of Flemish Booking Agencies). Initially it was a way of putting our heads together at the height of the corona pandemic: “How on earth are we going to deal with this?”. Many waves later and it has become a lovely group to exchange ideas with and to learn from each other.