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As a tiny tot, I toddled into the circus school and it has been in my blood ever since! Practising circus acts evolved into making and performing circus in children’s productions mounted by Cirkus in Beweging, the Leuven circus atelier. Later on, I coached young people taking their first steps in circus.  


While studying Cultural Agogics, I continued to follow the circus world closely, and I helped several circus companies with their administration. All my spare time was spent in theatres, circus marquees and at circus festivals. At one of those festivals, Bert & Fred asked me to take care of the distribution for their very first evening show. And that started the ball rolling...


My own training, creating and performing took a back seat as the years passed. I was increasingly drawn to what happens backstage and to providing a support role for the makers. My clubs made way for running shoes. Now I invariably begin the day with a runner’s high. There’s nothing like it for clearing the head and feeling relaxed!


I dream of Je buro becoming an open space, where everyone with a soft spot for circus is welcome to mingle, train, organize meetings, perform try-outs, write proposals or hatch crazy plans. The atmosphere would be relaxed, happy and friendly and not averse to the occasional pint!


It is my personal mission to give circus more exposure as an art form. I believe I will have succeeded the day I hear a newsreader on the radio string together the words “theatre, music, circus, dance,…” and am confident that no eyebrows were raised in any household.

Je buro allows me to carry out that mission with great energy and enthusiasm – indeed passion! It is a wonderful feeling to give it my all day in day out and still want more!     

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