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Zinzi & Evertjan

The life journeys of Zinzi & Evertjan have become entangled. As an acrobatic duo, they experience so much together, which makes it difficult to make up where your own path stars and the other one begins. They’re together as one, but they are opposites at the same time. Commitment and urge for freedom fight for first place.


“I’m a human being, an individual as well as a part of society. Am I responsible for the choices of others? Do I act?”


MEMO is about the preservation of identity and (in)dependence within smaller and bigger entities.

Concept: Zinzi Oegema Regie: Zinzi Oegema Artiesten: Zinzi Oegema, Evertjan Mercier Producent: TENT Coach: Lucas de Man, Andrew Greenwood, Denis Dulon, Petra Eikelenboom Decor: Evertjan Mercier Licht: Vincent Millet Muziek: Janos Koolen Kostuum: Lisa Jonker Coproducent: Perplx Dank: MEMO is mogelijk gemaakt dankzij de financiële steun van: Amsterdams Fonds voor de kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten
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