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With Splash, Jam.Shenanigans aims to share their love for comically absurd circus with the public.

Splash invites the audience on a journey towards an absurd dream world far away from everyday reality, where a swimming pool filled with 25,000 balls stands in the center, and where water activities form the starting point for a juggling feast.


Jam.Shenanigans wants to promote healthy craziness as a counterbalance to a

polarizing and self-deprecating society. With splash, they want to stimulate the audience's imagination and push forward the beauty of a youthful spirit. This is all through object manipulation, physical theater and visual illusions, topped with a good dose of humor and silliness.


Splash is a full-length family show that is made for outdoor settings.The show will go into production in January 2024 and premiere in May 2025.

Artists: Batist Van Baekel & Henri Kangas Dramaturgical support: Thom Monckton Outside eye: Wes Peden Podium designer and builders: Kurt Van Baekel & Arne Sabbe/De Machinerie Diffusion: Emma Ketels (JE BURO) Supported by: Miramiro & The Flemish Authorities Co-produced by: PERPLX, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof & Cirklabo This project is selected as a finalist for Circusnext 2024.

Practical info

🔧 min 8m x 6m, 5m height

🗓️ J: arrival, build-up, show, breakdown

👥 4 persons: travel from BE & NL

Première: 9 > 11 May 2025 @ CIRKL, Leuven (BE)



+32 495 89 31 63

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