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The distinguished circus collective Collectif Malunés demolishes walls between various branches of the arts with an unearthly pleasure. They have this urge in common with MOVEDBYMATTER led by performance artist Kasper Vandenberghe.

In their first production together, BITBYBIT, Vandenberghe and the Bruyninckx brothers find each other in the balancing act between connectedness and resilience on the one hand, and the inevitable fall on the other, a sense of loss lurking behind every corner. Quite literally: in a visually rich direction by Vandenberghe, the brothers experiment with a particular circus technique for which they are completely dependent on each other for their safety.

This moment is the culmination of a year’s worth of artistic research and physical training, but also of the brothers’ lifelong sharing of joys and sorrows. They’ve grown up together and have become circus artists together. They’d spent more time in each other’s presence than many wedded couples of the same age. Then, bit by bit, they’ve let each other go, missing each other immensely, however. BITBYBIT is the ultimate rapprochement attempt. For the first time ever, the brothers meet in the ring.


BITBYBIT is the physical dissection of a brotherhood. Sometimes shrunken to a scanty look of recognition or rather enlarged to mythical proportions like Cain and Abel (brotherly hate) or Castor and Pollux (brotherly love). They mold themselves to each other’s manly images or rather attempt to escape them. They openly confront who they became thanks to and despite of one another. However, because they’re brothers, they’ll always remain inescapably condemned to each other.

MOVEDBYMATTER & Collectif Malunés


CONCEPT – Simon Bruyninckx, Vincent Bruyninckx & Kasper Vandenberghe SPEL / PERFORMANCE – Simon Bruyninckx & Vincent Bruyninckx REGIE / DIRECTION – Kasper Vandenberghe DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY –  Matthias Velle STAGE REGIE-ASSISTENTIE - INTERNSHIP ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Leon Rogissart MUZIEK / MUSIC – Dijf Sanders KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES – Johanna Trudzinski BEWEGINGSADVIES / EXTERNAL EYE - choreography - Esse Vanderbruggen LICHT/LIGHT: Olivier Duris & Benjamin Eugène GELUID/SOUND: Anthony Caruana & Sofia Zaïdi ADMINISTRATIE/ADMINISTRATION: Eugenie Fraigneau & Ellia Larès SPREIDING/DIFFUSION - Emma Ketels (je buro) PRODUCENT/PRODUCER: MOVEDBYMATTER & Collectif Malunés COPRODUCTIE/ CO-PRODUCED BY: CIRKLABO/30CC, C – TAKT, Miramiro, KAAP, PERPLX, Perpodium,  Theater op de Markt - Dommelhof, workspacebrussels RESIDENTIES/ RESIDENCIES: workspacebrussels, Miramiro, CAMPO, PERPLX, Theater op de Markt - Dommelhof MET STEUN VAN / SUPPORTED BY Vlaamse overheid, Stad Gent, taxshelter van de Belgische federale overheid, Préfecture de la région Nouvelle Aquitaine

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-14 om 17.01.24.
Vlaamse Overheid.png
Stad gent.png

60 min
performance without words

@ dome (chapiteau) - bifrontal
capacity: 234 persons
34m x 34m free space needed


 J-4: arrival
J-3 & J-2: build-up
J-1: off
J: 3- 4 nights
J+1: breakdown
J+2: departure


​6 persons​​

travel from BE, ES & FR


11/06/2021 @ BROEK, KC Nona, Mechelen (BE)


Last spots summer 2024
Not available in 2025

Praktical info

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