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Tickled Pink


Tickled Pink is a performance in which six acrobats create a universe of euphoria and spectacle. You are drawn into the warmth and joy through the collectivity of the group and the pleasure of movement inherent to circus. A sense of euphoria and a love for life but also - for those who want it - a reflection on our contemporary society of spectacle reverberates after. This contemporary performance is an ode to the spectacle of the circus in today's context.


Warning: This show makes you feel tickled pink!

Directed by Margot Jansens; Maria Madeira, Manon Verplancke, Petra Steindl, Josse De Broeck, Hendrik Van Maele and Felix Zech pose the following questions:

How can the spectacular as an artistic and impactful method be re-appropriated by circus (acrobatics)?
What is spectacular?
What is euphoria?
How do we share feeling with the audience?
What can re-appropriated spectacular acrobatics create in the spectator?
How can we guide this impact toward a connecting, euphoric experience?
ut also; Is there a downside to this re-evaluation of the spectacular - the hyper sexualization of the performative body, the fetishization of skill, the lapse into mere entertainment...?

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Concept & directing: Margot Jansens From and with: Felix Zech, Hendrik Van Maele, Josse De Broeck, Petra Steindl, Maria Madeira & Manon Verplancke Light creation: Pieter Kint and Margot Jansens Sound creation: Adam Russell Conductor and vocal coach: Aike Roodenburg dramaturg: Emma De Poot Coproduction: Cirklabo, Miramiro, PERPLX, Perpodium & Theater Op De Markt, De Grote Post Subsidie: Vlaamse Overheid Distribution: Klaartje Brouns (JE BURO) Partners: Danspunt, La Grainerie, 101 outdoorworkspace, De Warande & VIERNULVIER

Practical info


50 min
performance without words
max 1x/day

indoor :
blackbox - frontal
min. 5 m height

outdoor version available from April 2025 on


 J: arrival, build-up, show, breakdown


3rd grade primary school


​9 persons​​

travel from BE & NL


12 oktober 2024 @ PERPLX #5,  Kortrijk (BE)


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